Star anise 100gm
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Star anise 100gm

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Star anise is a fruit in the shape of a star. Star Anise is called Chakriphool in Hindi. It is brown in color and has an aroma similar to that of a fennel seed. It has a strong licorice taste, more intense than regular anise. The fruits are picked up just before the harvest. Star anise contains an essential oil that is responsible for its flavor. Rust colored and tough skinned, they have widely used aromatic properties. If kept away from sunlight and stored in an airtight container, it can last up to a year

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Health Benefits of Star Anise
1 – Improves Digestive System – Consuming Star anise tea is a healthy choice. For indigestion, constipation, and other digestion related problems, star anise is a remedial cure. It stimulates the metabolic enzymes which in turn improves the digestion functions.

2 – Helps cure Influenza – Shikimic acid, a compound present in star anise is used for preparing drug for curing influenza or the flu virus.

3 – Fights Fungal Infections – Star anise combats a common skin problem called candidiasis, caused by a fungus, Candida albicans which affects mouth, throat and genital areas due to its anti-fungal properties.

4 – Stimulant – It can stimulate circulation and give relief from rheumatism and arthritis, stimulate secretion of enzymes and hormones, thus boosting the whole metabolism and finally, it can stimulate the nervous system and the brain to make us more active and alert.

5 – Vermifuge – This is yet another aspect of its insecticidal property. It can kill worms found in the intestines. This property can be particularly beneficial for children, as they are most commonly afflicted with intestinal worms.

6 – Sedating Properties – Star anise can also be used as for its sedating properties to ensure a good sleep.

7 – Antioxidant – Star Anise contains good amounts of antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin-C and vitamin-A. Anise preparations are an excellent remedy for asthma, bronchitis cough.

8 – Cold Relief – Star Anise seed water is very helpful in relieving running nose condition in infants.

9 – Respiratory Virosis – The antiviral effect of this plant is due to a substance contained by its seeds, called shikimic acid, which once arrived in the liver, it transforms into a strong antiviral, which reaches the blood circulation.

10 – Heals Rheumatism – Its oil is highly effective in healing rheumatism. It gives an instant relief from the lower backache.

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