Coffee chicory 250gm
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Coffee chicory 250gm

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Chicory coffee is a beverage prepared with roasted and ground chicory or a blend of chicory and coffee. The ratio of coffee to chicory can be as high as 3 to 1, or as low as 1 to 3. Chicory coffee is made of the roots of the cultivated plant Cichorium Intybus Sativum, by roasting and grinding them.

We collect the coffee beans from farmers located in Idukki District with real Aromas without losing the natural quality .The Products from Idukki District is really rich in Quality due to its growing environment and climate in Idukki District


Health Benefits of Chicory

Chicory coffee is the coffee substitute of choice in Europe & Asia , not only for its resemblance with real coffee but also because of its health benefits.

Chicory is thought to be a tonic, an anti-parasitic, and because of the high content of inulin, a prebiotic soluble carbohydrate, can help with weight loss, intestinal health, and selectively encourages probiotic microorganisms to develop.

A lot of the inulin is in fact lost during processing, and this is good because too much inulin could cause serious abdominal discomfort. During roasting, inulin transforms into sugar, and the roasted chicory loses the bitter taste.

Chicory is considered as mellowing down the effects of coffee and taking the edge off of caffeine. This is why they work greatly blended.

Newer research shows that chicory lowers blood sugar, and decreases the LDL cholesterol, (the bad one), while maintaining the levels of HDL.

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